Miei Pantaloni Troppo Corti



Well, in the name of a good discussion, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the very salient points raised by Die Workwear! and Edwin in discourse earlier last week. 

I strongly believe that one’s style to a large extent is born out of their personality, which in turn is a direct reflection of their life’s experiences and ambitions. These experiences differ for the son of a tailor in naples, the son of stunt pilot out of Indiana and a prince who abdicated his throne, and so does their style.

Hence, I beg to differ with Die Workwear’s disassociation of Sprezzatura from anything non-italian. While the word certainly originates from the land, I believe that it would certainly not be wrong to say that Steve Mcqueen and The Duke of Windsor embodied a fair share of “sprezz”. 

Without going all beauty is in the eye of the beholder on you, I just feel that putting Thom Browne along the likes of clothing companies and bespoke tailors is unfair to both of them. No matter what anyone might say, Thom Browne is a fashion house.(read as period)  

On the other hand, giving credit where credit is due, I applaud Cucinelli for bringing a sense refinement and elegance to sportswear with his styling, muted palettes and luxurious fabrics. I think the quarters are a very conscious styling choice but I personally do not find the gorges on the jacket high or the waist any more suppressed than a neapolitan jacket. I do agree with Die Workwear! that the proportion on his ensembles can tend to look cartoonish as seen here.

Lastly, I could not agree more on the fact that building a wardrobe is not sprint but a patient marathon. In the end though, it’s only clothes we are talking about here; just one of many things that separates the stylish from the not-so, the gents from the dents on this earth.

Have a great week ahead. 


A Neapolitan Dream

Disclaimer (via GILT MANUAL): The fervency of this discussion is a little out of proportion to the actual significance of the issue at hand.